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Choice Medical offers a variety of walking aids to suit your needs. There is a large showroom with plenty of room to peruse while trying out the walking aids.

Why Choose Choice Medical?

  • Trained staff to help you figure out the best fit for your needs if you are unsure
  • Product information, including brochures at no cost to you
  • Repairs done in house, including most warranty repairs
  • In-store setup and product instruction
  • If we do not have what you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for you and order it in a minimal timeframe

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  • Minimalistic approach to independent mobility in and outside of the home
  • Designer colors and prints
  • Quad cane, standard and bariatric available
  • Standard cane
  • Bariatric cane
  • Collapsible cane
  • Cane with a seat

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  • More supportive of upper body and trunk
  • Several models to choose from
  • Front wheeled with glide tips
  • Four wheeled with seat attachment and hand brakes
  • Some walkers offer baskets or pouches for carrying
  • Several colors to choose from

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Specialty Walkers:

  • Knee walkers (Standard and bariatric)
  • U-Step Walkers with laser technology
  • Transport chair/walker combo
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Our product experts are here to help. Please feel free to contact us at (515) 232-6000 or stop in today

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The Electronic CareGiver

 The Electronic CareGiver team has developed this product to "save the lives others can't". Choice Medical can now provide you with information on this product and help you get it set up in your own home! Follow the link below for more information or stop in today.